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Maths300 exists to support continuing conversation about teaching craft which fascinates, captivates and absorbs students in mathematics education. We hope you enjoy exploring these Free Tour links and look forward to you joining us in this conversation as a Maths300 member.

  • About adds background to this introduction.
  • Lesson Library shows the breadth and depth of lessons currently available to members.
  • Sample Lessons are exactly as available to members and include free software.
  • Software Notes are included on the Sample Lessons page.
  • We invite you to try your colleagues' work in your own classes as you ponder the invitation to Subscribe.
  • Contact us if you would like professional development to support the introduction or continuing use of Maths300.
  • Join our eNews list if you would like to keep up to date with Maths300 growth and development.
  • Our Terms & Conditions are generous. We ask you to familiarise yourself with them.
Our plans are to keep Maths300 moving along. Please join us on this mathematics education adventure.

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Our Plans

Maths300 is a professional development platform. Its aim is to support teacher discussions around improving mathematics teaching and learning. You are invited to join us on the journey as we redevelop and continue to grow Maths300.

  • 194 lessons available to members.
  • The Stage 2 lesson added most recently are:
    • Trigonometry Walk
  • 3 complete Member lessons available as Free Tour Samples.
  • 112 lessons in Stage 1 format.
  • 82 lessons in Stage 2 format which includes:
    • design refinements for easier reading and navigation
    • classroom contribution to receive your additional input
    • learning overview to guide teacher discussion
    • links to the Australian Curriculum
  • Articles & posters to support discussion about learning to work like a mathematician.
  • Preparation of the next new lesson.
  • The continuing process of Stage 2 formatting. Expect regular updates.
  • Continuously refining, correcting and extending software support.
  • Drafting future new lessons.
To Come
  • Possible new lessons such as:
    • Spatial Counting
    • Elevenses
    • Red Lights on the Avenue
    • Population Centre
    • Wallpaper patterns
    • Human Clocks
    • Human Battleships
    • Squound
    • Everybody Wins
    • ...and more!
  • More of your Classroom Contributions.
  • Heaps of exciting discussion about best practice mathematics teaching and learning.

Maths300 eNews

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Subscription, Administration & Professional Learning

The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) Inc.

Our team invites you to contact us at any time.

Zoe Ager
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Steve Flavel

Terms & Conditions

Maths300 is owned and operated by The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) Inc.
ABN 76 515 756 909

Conditions of Use

  • Access is granted to members of staff or students at a single site, location or campus.
  • Access is not transferrable between multiple sites or campuses via intranet or web-enabled systems.
  • Those who access Maths300 via a site licence may not continue to access the system if they move campuses or work sites.
  • If you have any doubts about your right to access Maths300 please contact us at

Open Source Material

All material in the non-members section of Maths300 may be used, copied or reproduced for non-commercial, educational purposes only. In return, we ask that appropriate acknowledgment is made to the source of the material by written statement that includes, at least, "Reproduced from Maths300,".

Member Rights: Schools & Institutions

For as long as the campus of your school or institution remains a registered member of Maths300:
  • All staff may use, copy or reproduce any material from Maths300 to serve the educational needs of the students in the school or institution. Copies of material from Maths300 belong to the registered member and are subject to this licence.
  • All software available through Maths300 may be used on any number of computers in a member school or institution.
  • All staff may use, copy or reproduce any material (including software) in their home (or similar preparation site).
This is a generous licence and we ask that you respect it.
  • Distribution of Maths300 material beyond the uses specified in this licence is a breach of this licence.
  • Continuing to use Maths300 material if a school or institution membership lapses is a breach of this licence.
  • Renewing Maths300 membership in a category inconsistent with the number of student enrolments is a breach of this licence.
  • Staff continuing to use Maths300 material when no longer employed at a school or institution that is a registered member, is a breach of this licence.

Member Rights: Individuals

Maths300 is designed to support professional development in schools. It is built on the assumption that all staff have access to the lessons as fuel for on-going conversation about learning mathematics. That is why 'Individual' is not listed as a category on our application form.

However, there are circumstances in which a teacher needs an individual membership. In these circumstances they join as a 'school' of 0 - 50. The following rights and responsibilities attach to this membership variation. Our preference is that you contact us before applying for membership in this form.

For as long as an individual remains a registered member of Maths300:
  • That individual may use, copy or reproduce any material from Maths300 to serve the educational needs of students under the member's instruction. Copies of material from Maths300 are subject to this licence.
  • All software may be used on a member's personal computer and may be used on other computers by students under the member's supervision. Software may not be used by teachers other than the member or by students not normally under the instruction of the member.
This is a generous licence and we ask that you respect it.
  • Distribution of Maths300 material beyond the uses specified in this licence is a breach of this licence.
  • Continuing to use Maths300 material if an individual membership has lapsed is a breach of this licence.

No Liability

The material that you upload to the Maths300 web site through Classroom Contributions or any other section of the site may be in the form of text, images, illustrations, photographs or multimedia. The Task Centre Collective Pty Ltd is neither responsible nor liable for material uploaded by you. Only you are responsible for your material and the consequences of including it on the Maths300 website or otherwise using it.

The Maths300 website is provided to you, on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis and you use it at your own risk. To the extent lawful, The Task Centre Collective Pty Ltd makes no representation or warranty (promise) as to the suitability or compatibility of the Maths300 website to any computer system, or that the Maths300 website is free of error, defect, virus or other harmful element or fit for the purpose you intend to use it. The Task Centre Collective Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any loss, damage, liability or expense suffered by you or anyone else arising from your use, or inability to use, the Maths300 website.

Uploading Material

Material that you upload to the Maths300 website may be owned by someone else. If you did not create or do not own material that you upload to the Maths300 website, it is important that you have obtained appropriate permission to upload such material. If you are in doubt about the ownership of material or whether you have permission to use it, do not upload it to the Maths300 website. However, we welcome your contributions and if you are unsure, you are invited to contact us to discuss the material.

You warrant (promise) that you will comply with all applicable laws and will not use the Maths300 website for a purpose prohibited by these conditions of use, including for any unlawful purpose. For example, you agree not to:

  • upload to the Maths300 website material which is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, indecent or offensive, for example material which offends or threatens someone;
  • upload, post, or otherwise make available any material to the Maths300 website that you are not permitted to make available or which contains viruses or other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, limit or destroy the functions of other computer software or hardware;
  • use the Maths300 website in any manner which could damage, disable, overburden or impair the Maths300 website or interfere with any other party's contribution to or use and enjoyment of the Maths300 website;
  • obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available or provided for through the Maths300 website;
  • breach any privacy law, for example, uploading images of individuals where they are able to identified without their permission or in the case of students, without the permission of the student's parent or guardian; or
  • use the Maths300 website for any purpose other than non-commercial, educational purposes.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and the Site Licence

If you proceed to use the Maths300 website, your use will be taken as acceptance to comply with the conditions of use set out under the Terms and Conditions and Site Licence.

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