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Maths300 is a professional development tool. Research shows that the closer the professional learning experience is to the classroom, the more effective it is in influencing a teacher's on-going practice. So Maths300 is our attempt to:

  • collect from colleagues the best lessons we can find,
  • trial them in a range of classrooms, then
  • prepare them as detailed lesson plans with extensive support
to make it as 'safe' as possible for other teachers to trial the chosen lesson in their own classroom.

In the hope that one success generates the desire to try another lesson ... and another ... and another ... we have collected an extensive library of more than 175 lessons. We add new lessons from time to time as we learn from our colleagues, and we hope one day to have at least 300 available.


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Curriculum Shift

As one successful lesson trial leads to another and experiences are shared at faculty or district or system level, curriculum begins to shift. Teachers and students report greater satisfaction with mathematics learning.

An engaging PD relevant, motivating, inspiring.
Louise de Longh, Genazzano FCJ College, Kew

Maths300 is my favourite source of rich multi-strand maths lessons!
Matt Skoss, Centralian Senior Secondary College, Alice Springs

Maths300 is about learning how to make mathematics inviting, enjoyable, meaningful and inclusive.
Damian Howison, Mary MacKillop College, Swan Hill

In line with official documents around the world, the shift is towards a more open-ended investigative approach designed to develop students' questioning, reasoning, justifying and communication skills. A curriculum:

  • catering for a range of abilities through teaching craft such as co-operative group work, meaningful contexts, technology, concrete materials and kinaesthetic opportunities.

  • in which students are Working Mathematically, like mathematicians, as they develop their toolbox of mathematical skills.

Professional Learning Video

This video was made by Education Services Australia and is used with permission.
Maths300 appreciates ESA's support in making this video available through this page.
It is stored on their Curriculum Press You Tube channel.


Members are welcome to build their own professional development programs using Maths300 lessons. The one page Learning Review available with each lesson will help focus discussion. It highlights learning features and issues associated with the chosen lesson.

If you prefer external support, contact our Maths300 team. We are prepared to travel anywhere.

As the testimonies above show, our workshops are stimulating, practical and challenging. Membership of Maths300 is not required for these sessions. With your help we will build a program which uses Maths300 lessons to focus on learning features or issues relevant to your needs. In this way teachers can assess the support Maths300 offers in your setting, while simultaneously becoming familiar with the Maths300 site.

Articles & Posters

More information linking Maths300 with curriculum can be found in these articles:
  • Poster: Working Like A Mathematician
  • Poster: Mathematician's Toolbox


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