Crazy Animals recording from a 5-year-old




Maths300 offers three complete lessons to explore with your class. All materials, just as available to members, are included in the samples.

Each one comes with companion software. Please read the software notes below before downloading and installing. Software is available for Mac and Windows computers, but not yet for some tablets and pads.


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Software Notes


  • Lessons included:
    Bob's Buttons
    Crazy Animals
    Temperature Graphs
  • Maths300 Sample software must run from each individual machine. It cannot run from the server.
  • If Maths300 Sample software is used on a network it must be installed in the network image.
  • Maths300 Sample software is for student and teacher use and comes with a Campus Licence which permits use on any number of machines on the one campus. The licence also allows staff to access, use and install Maths300 Sample software on their home machine for the purposes of preparation.
  • Maths300 Sample software is only one aspect of the Maths300 site. Other material such as lesson plans, investigations sheets, and useful resources are included and can be either viewed on screen or printed from the site.
  • This material is publicly available in full for the lessons included in the Maths300 Sample software.
  • Members have access to more than 190 lessons Maths300 lessons.
  • About one third of Maths300 lesson plans are supported by Maths300 software.
  • Maths300 software is not yet available for all pads and tablets.


Latest version: 17.12.02
Released: 02/12/2017
These are zipped files.

Software runs on all platforms that use Windows and OSX. This includes Windows 8 (and above) 64 bit and Samsung Tablets. We have not yet produced versions for Android or iOS systems.

1. Installing the software

  • Download from list above and save the file:
  • Double click to begin the Setup Wizard.
  • Select appropriate options for each window (usually the default).
  • On completion of the Setup Wizard a 'Maths300Sample' folder will be listed in Start/All Programs and a shortcut to Maths300Sample.exe will appear on the desktop. Choose either one to run the software.


  1. Maths300sample software is designed to run on stand alone machines. If you want to run it on a network you must install it in the network image.
  2. Uninstalling: Go to Start/All Programs/Maths300Sample. Select uninstall Maths300Sample from the Maths300Sample folder.
    • In WIN10 this is Start/All Apps, then find Maths300 in the list, click to open the folder and right click the application file to see uninstall in the list.
  • Download from the list above and save the file:
  • Drop the Maths300 folder into the Application folder.
  • Open the Maths300 folder and double click on to run the software.


  1. If the file Maths300sample.dmg does not expand automatically then double click on it.
  2. If you can't find Maths300sample.dmg after the download then use Spotlight to locate it.
  3. Maths300Sample is designed to run on stand alone machines. If you want to run it on a network you must install it in the network image.
  4. Uninstalling Place the Maths300 folder in the trash.
Maths300 Sample Software

2. Opening the software

Double click on the desktop icon or use your machine's 'All Programs' option to find Maths300.

3. Using the software

Once you have opened the software, you will see a menu of lessons as shown. Simply click on the lesson you want and the software for that lesson will launch.


If you have a software issue please:
  1. Check that you have followed the installation procedure described above.
  2. Check that you have installed the latest version of the software.
  3. Contact us if the issue still exists.


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