Resources to support subscribers to Maths300 are available for school leaders and individual teachers to use.

The slideshows can be viewed in Google Slides format, or downloaded in PowerPoint format.

Click through the slideshow (Google Slides format) in Outline or Presenter mode, or download via File >> Download as >> Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx).

Speaker’s notes have been included for relevant slides.

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Introduction to Maths300

An introduction to the Maths300 website and structure of the lesson notes and supporting software. Can be used by school leaders to introduce their staff to the Maths300 resources, or viewed individually by teachers.

Logging onto Maths300

A brief overview about logging on. Designed for new subscribers.

Pedagogical pointers

A brief overview of pedagogical approaches that might be used across a range of Maths300 lessons. This resource will be added to over time.