Sample Lesson

Multo: Better than Bingo

Multo is a game using multiplication facts to complete a row, column, diagonal or corners of an individually designed game grid. The design of the grid becomes more sophisticated as students consider probabilities of outcomes in order to achieve an optimum result. The accompanying software is essential. It allows students to compete against each other, and to run multiple trials to test the effectiveness of different grid designs.

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Favorite Lesson 1

Eric the Sheep

The story shell in this problem, which is about sneaking past other sheep to reach the front first, has appeal to many children. Acting out the situation tends to add to the initial interest and children are soon modelling possibilities with counters. The exploration of these 'What if ?' situations leads to a surprising pattern which can be described in words or algebraic symbols.

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Favorite Lesson 2

The Locker Problem

This investigation is presented using a story shell that allows students to explore the mathematics of factors, multiples and primes in an engaging context. Students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the problem using Poly Plug . As students explore the problem, they should be encouraged to record interesting facts they discover about factors, multiples, primes and divisibility.

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